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A Day of Celebration in the Low Country!

Ramblin Entertainment started off the day by spinning some shag tunes at a wonderful surprise birthday celebration thrown by Pat Strader for her husband Bill's 80th birthday!  Steve Curless and Mardi rolled up to the The Sheriff's Camp located on Chowan Creek on Distant Island right outside Beaufort, South Carolina which provided the perfect backdrop for a grand celebration of life and the dancin' commenced!  Bill and Pat have a lovely group of extended family and friends who joined them from all over the United States from Washington State to sunny Florida!  Here's a glance at some of the fun!

The evening was spent at the lovely home of Eric and Susan Smith, Captured Moments Photography enjoying the company of Beaufort's Finest Friends for Eric's 60th Birthday!  Fun was definitely had by all!  Enjoying the moonlite night on the way home was the perfect ending to a perfect day of celebrating life in the low country of South Carolina!


This is our first post here on our new website,. Welcome aboard everyone while we try to keep you up to date on the happenings in our little corner of the world.